Affirmative Reframing Statements

Peace Fam,

Jada here. I’m working with my loved ones at Youth Speaks and Tatu on “holding emotional space”. One way we found to do that is through hanging signs which maintain culture and/or community agreements.

We find it important to speak life with intention by using affirmative language.

Instead of “no [this]” “anti-[that]” we’d say “pro [this]” “support [that]” for example.
I think this is SO important to positively frame statements because our words create worlds and our spelling casts spells.

Below is a list of affirmative phrase remixes.

*Before the affirmative reframe – After the affirmative reframe.*

No toxic masculinity – Support healthy masculinity

No anti-blackness – Celebrate blackness

No racism – Embrace color

Fight the system – Build the family

No interruptions – Cultivate deep listening

No homophobia – All love is valid 

No body shaming – Respect everybody by respecting every body 

No justice no peace – Peace and Justice Now

No appropriation – Learn about cultural boundaries 

No xenophobia – Honor all identities and backgrounds

No sexualizationPersonal Space Always / Treat everyone as a survivor 

Don’t be close-minded Be open-minded 

F$%^ the government – Community love first 

No ableism –  Respect all abilities / Ask before assuming support

No personal attacks – Personal check-ins are welcome upon consent

Don’t take up too much space – Step up, Step back / Welcome other voices











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